How to be a good neighbor

Pure Courtesy

If your growing field is close to residential areas, Orchard-Rite helps you show Pure Courtesy to your neighbors.

Check with local governing bodies for applicable noise regulations and take these into consideration when placing new wind machines.

  • As a general rule, keep machines at least 100 yards from neighboring homes.
  • Communicate with neighbors. Let them know what the machines do and how they sound. You might test run the machine for them or record the sound.
  • Inform your neighbors how often you expect to use your wind machines.
  • Assure neighbors that you understand the inconvenience and that you will work to minimize the effects on them.
  • Explain that the machine is expensive to operate and will only be run when needed to save the crops.
  • Use Auto-Start to start the machines and adjust thermostats to the proper starting temperature for the fruit stage.
  • Do not operate the machines in windy conditions. If possible, add the Orchard-Rite anemometer shutdown system to prevent machines from running in the wind.
  • If your machine does not have a muffler, install a muffler system on the machine.
  • Use “Last On – First Off” principle for machines close to neighbors.
  • If possible, warn your neighbors when with machines will be operating that night, especially on long, cold nights when you will start machines before midnight.

The technology of Orchard-Rite, combined with commonsense practices, will help you show Pure Courtesy and be a good neighbor.