Tree Shakers

Orchard-Rite® tree shakers are engineered, assembled, marketed, and serviced by employees who have a vested interest in our customers’ success.

Experience pure performance when you harvest with an Orchard-Rite tree shaker.

Whether you’re harvesting almonds, pecans, or walnuts, Orchard-Rite makes a tree shaker to fit your needs. The versatile Monoboom is used for trunk, as well as limb shaking. The Bullet®, with its trunk shaking ability, can be driven down the rows, from tree to tree, with no need for backing.

Both models have:

  • Fully-unitized chassis built on heavy walled tubular steel frames
  • Caterpillar®  diesel engines which meet the EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations
  • Hydrostatic transmissions and hydraulic ground drives
  • Improved shake patterns for higher removal efficiency
  • Cabs designed for safety with features such as roll cage frames, back-up cameras and safety neutral starts

All Orchard-Rite® tree shakers come equipped with the Wet Head®, the most advanced cooling/lubricating sling and pad system available. This unique shaker head lubrication system is faster and provides superior protection for your trees. Operators prefer the Wet Head® because it functions automatically, reduces the need to apply grease to the sling and pads, and the electronic controls make more efficient use of water.

Operators harvest in comfort in air-conditioned cabs with stereo systems, comfortable seats and adjustable foot controls. The roomy design provides excellent visibility. A rubber mounting reduces engine noise and high flotation tires produce a smoother ride.

The Monoboom and the Bullet® are designed and engineered using the expertise and high standards for quality that set Orchard-Rite apart. The quality tree shakers from Orchard-Rite provide pure performance.

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