Head & Tower

Maximize the performance of your wind machine with options tailored to your situation.

Orchard-Rite® gearboxes and tower options allow you to respect the laws of nature by designing your wind machines to work with the topography of the orchard or growing field. To maximize performance, Orchard-Rite provides multiple options for gearboxes and towers.

  • The flat or standard gearbox provides protection in orchards and growing fields that are flat or level or have minimal topographical variances.
  • The tilt gearbox provides protection in orchards and growing fields with a slope from 2 to 6° and is designed for use with single topographical anomalies.
  • The contour gearbox allows the wind machine to follow the land’s terrain providing coverage in orchards and fields with multiple topographical anomalies.
  • The fixed gearbox provides custom coverage in narrow blocks, canyons and draws.
  • Towers are constructed of 5/16” steel. Towers can also be galvanized for use in wet climates.
  • The straight or standard tower can be used in most orchards and fields.
  • The dog-leg tower compensates for a slope of more than 6°. When combined with a contour gearbox, the dog-leg tower can provide coverage in terrain with a slope up to 12°.

A sales representative who is experienced in wind machine placement will review your property to examine the terrain, determine the effect of drift, recommend a model, an option package, and optimal position for the machine.

Achieve maximum coverage and tailor everything to your needs with Orchard-Rite’s gearbox and tower options.